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Our Little History goes a Long Way

Meet the team of SLO Cider

Good Things Come in Threes

That’s how we sum up our relationship and role here at SLO Cider. We pride ourselves in working incredibly hard for one goal: making a great cider to pair with your best experiences. We really do enjoy our jobs and love to share our beverage creations with the world.
The team consists of Nate, Jeremy, and Pete, each of us coming from different parts of the craft beverage industry with our own experiences and viewpoints. You can thank Jeremy for every delicious sip of cider from our facility. His dedication to the craft of cider making can be seen in the way he runs the facility and tasted in amazing ciders he continues to perfect. If you enjoy our style and design you have to thank Pete for his vision and skill. Nate at some point worried about and then eventually organized everything you see here.
It is a privilege to have this opportunity to create and share our passion for superb cider crafting with the people, city, and state that we love. Cheers!

SLO Cider Creative

Pete Ayer

Pete is a passionate individual who specializes in branding and design. His role at SLO Cider is to incorporate the radness this team has into a relatable brand.

SLO Cider Operations

Nate Adamski

Nate has been in the cider game for some time now, and leads the team in industry knowledge and friendly sales. Feel free to stop by and hear the laugh of the century!

SLO Cider Crafter

Jeremy Fleming

Jeremy’s commitment to quality is like none other. It’s reflected in the craft and precision he boasts when making cider. We absolutely love his attitude and overall wellbeing towards life.

SLO Cider Mascot


When the times get ruff, we have good ol’ Max to cheer us up. His innate love for everything is contagious in the company. On most days Max will be ready to give you a smooch and tell you all about our cider.