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Dry Cider

SLO Cider


Our dry cider is pure apple perfection – 100% dry and crafted from a select blend of apple varieties, including a sizable portion of tart green apple for that extra acidic bite. Our flagship cider pairs perfectly with any occasion under the sun.

Rosé Cider

SLO Cider


Enjoy our playful tribute to rosé. We start with our off-dry cider and blend just the right amount of berries and real hibiscus for an amazing taste and brilliant color. Easy to enjoy all day, this is the perfect “treat yourself” beverage.

Hopped Cider

SLO Cider


With our dry hopped cider in hand, good times are moments away. Using our dry cider as a base, we infuse large amounts of citra hops, imparting bold yet balanced notes of citrus and pine. This hoppy cider is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Tropical Cider

SLO Cider


A favorite among locals, this vacation-in-a-can is a blend of passion fruit, orange zest and guava pulp. With a beautiful aroma and sunset color, our Tropical Cider will have you dreaming of warmer waters.